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How to Play Pentatonic Scale Pattern #1 | Guitar Lessons

[Music] next on the list is scales right so scales there's many many many books of scales big encyclopedias of scales but really I'd like to show you the most practical scales that I use every single day so the very first skill I ever learned I like to call it pentatonic pattern number one but it's just a pentatonic scale or a shape of one so let's dive in right I'm gonna do it here at the fifth fret so I'm on the fifth fret of the sixth string and I'm gonna use my first finger right then the next note is not the second fret away from that not the third fret but the fourth fret right so on the sixth string I have the first and the four right then I move down to the fifth string and I'm gonna do 1 3 so notice I'm using my 3rd finger then the next string 4th string 1 2 3 and then 1 3 again but on the 3rd string [Music] then 1/4 but on the second and then 1/4 on the first I see you see 1/4 right that's why I'm saying those numbers so I have one now if I want to go backwards I just start with this note and work my way back right so I go for 1 [Music] [Applause] [Music] now this is a movable shape just like bar chords or power chords so I can move this anywhere on the guitar and the shape doesn't change that's the beauty of the guitar let's say we do it at the 3rd fret right so I'm gonna do it [Music] backwards how about the 7th fret and [Music] then how about we try open that's a little trickier now because I have to pretend that my first finger is playing sort of you know can you see the pattern here I have this imaginary spot 1 4 right 1 3 1 3 all the way down of course we're not gonna play it like that we're gonna play it a little more natural right so it's au 3 2 [Music] it's the same exact pattern it looks a little different that's a little thing about the guitar you always have to compensate for the open aspect and then I'm just gonna work my way backwards three Oh [Music] there you go pentatonic pattern number one [Music]

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