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Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson 3 – Power Chords

Hey what's up you guys! Marty Schwartz
here with Marty music! Welcome back, this is lesson number three beginner electric
guitar lesson. We're going to now focus on the power chords that made every rock
band famous such as Green Day and Nirvana. Let's zoom in and break it down.
Alright we're gonna take these basic one finger power chords that I was showing
you, and take that concept way up here. You're gonna hear Black Sabbath Green
Day Nirvana, I mean a million other bands. The Ramones, punk rock, hard rock, pop punk,
blink-182 -they're all using this exact same shape. It's a two-finger power cord, and if you
look at these frets they're wider up here and as you go this way, we call this
going "up the neck." As you go up the neck, boom!
they get closer together, so these power cords are going to be a little easier to
learn and practice a little bit higher up here. So we're gonna start at the 12th
fret the 12th fret has double dots typically on a guitar. That's how you can
start to locate it. So we got the double dots we're going to take the very tip of
our index finger, and put it right there on the 12th fret
of the E. Then we're going to take that ring finger, and we're going to put that
on the 14th fret of the A-string. And those are the only two notes that
make up one of the heaviest chords in rock music. So we only want this E and A-string to
be ringing out in this chord, and a good way to make sure that happens is that
I'm using the tip of my index finger on that twelfth fret E, but then I'm letting
the index finger touch the other strings. Not pressing down that'd be called "barring"
like a barre chord. Instead they're just resting the tip of the fingers there, and
then the fingers resting. So its muting the strings we don't want and we're only
hearing that note and that note. So even if I strum down on the whole guitar
you're only gonna hear those two ring out. And that makes up all these songs it's
the same shape that you move around. So let's start with this we're gonna be on
the twelfth fret E-string root, power chord. Then we're gonna go down a whole step
meaning two frets. One-two. So that'd be the tenth fret. And then back up. And my fingers kind of
release off, But I can kind of feel the tips of my fingers on the strings almost
like a train on the track There's gonna be other times where you
keep the pressure down, and you slide it back or forth. As opposed to releasing
the tension. You start by getting that chord, and
picking another spot to play it against. So a good one is this
kind of thing, which we already did, but start "cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha" on the cord Remember, we're thinking the very tips of
our fingers, arched a little bit right down on those frets. Then let's go down to the 10s. Back to the 12s. To the 10s. Back to 12s. So you want to get used to that shape being able to be moved around. But then eventually, you're gonna also be
playing these same power chords on the A- string and D-string the exact same shape
everything the same shape everything's the same, just scoot it over. And that's where you're gonna see songs
like: Keep working! Alright thanks again for
watching you guys, really appreciate it! Also you get some free guitar lesson
courses including a power chords course when you sign my newsletter at martymusic.com, and if you'd like to request any lessons at all, leave it in the
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