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10 Great Rock Riffs – Guitar Lesson

Okay before I get started on the lesson I just want to show some of my other websites the first one is Google Circles Bobby crispy YouTube channel It's connected to my youtube channel That's the Google Circles I? Just got to started on that so There's also a pin trust. I've posted almost all of my guitar lesson videos on Pintrest, so just look up Bobby crispy I'm Pinterest and there's also Twitter I'm on Twitter as Bobby crispy guitar or learn rock guitar Okay, I've come up with ten different rock riffs You can play I'll play them first then I'll show how to play note for note using the tads Okay, so here's number one Okay, so that's 2nd string 8th fret 3rd string 9th fret slide up 3rd string 7th Fourth string 7th 3rd 5th 4th 7th 5th 7th 2nd and 3rd strings 7th And 2nd or 3rd strings 5th Okay riff number 2 is this Ok so 3rd string 7th fret and up 2nd string 5th fret thanks, please Do that three times Third string 7th fret start Bend up and bend down Seventh fret and up fifth go to shake Fourth string seventh fret Third string fifth fret twice Okay number two yeah, sorry number, three is this Okay bottom two strings twelfth fret on the second string end up do that three times? Second string 10th 3rd string a lot second string 10th Okay breath number four is this Okay, so that's Top string third fret everyone to the fifth Fifth string third fret hammer onto the fifth String third String fifth everyone's at six second string fifth fret hammer under Sun First string zip twice so we wind up Okay riff number five is this Okay fifth string let's light up the seventh Fourth string seventh Fifth string so See better, but fifteen six Fourth string 7:56 Same pattern Fifth string fifth Fourth shame it's a Fist shape this oh It's your string sir the string third fret slide to the fourth Top strings if It's against early Okay riff number six is this Little bit of a sensor okay third string seventh fret Bend up second string this First string yes Second string eight after the fifth Eighth third string seventh fret off to the fifth Do that again Fourth string seventh Seven fifth fret hammer under sense Okay number seven is this Okay second string seventh End up one more time Let's play it normally Fifth fret Third string so throw This slide up to six This Fourth string fifth fret here under 733 this Yeah for through some Third string fifth fourth Fifth string fifth fret six Okay riff number nine is this Okay, so slide up to the third room 14th fret Second string 13th 15th And up Hold it play first string fifteen threat The second-string been down Pull off to the 13th Do that again 15th go after the 13th third string 14 Second string 13th twice And 50 Okay at riff number 10 is this Pick a third string open hammer on to the second. You're a good chief Second pull off Do that again Fourth string second fret pull off For the stream second trip bend up a and with a power cord Okay, that's a lesson. I hope you have found it helpful and thanks for watching

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