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🔴10 EASY Popular Rock Solos – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I'm Bobby crispy this video is [read] about guitar lesson series So today, I'll show how to play 10 easy Popular guitar solos Ok so I'll play them first that I'll show how they played no [from] [boat] using tabs Ok so the first one number one is The intro so to sister Golden Hair by America, so I'll play it first It's originally played on slide Ok so it starts with a third string loveth fret slide up [this] [thirteenth] fret second string [Twelfth] fret first string Load thread And once again [a] third-string a lot of threats led up to 13th [second] [string] Twelfth fret first Rate 12 the first string [12] clay it and slide [down] to the [11th] and [play] the 11th fret Slide down to the 9th then play the night Okay number [two] is Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton the intro Solo So I'll play it first Okay starts off the third string 14th fret bend up there back down the 12th fret 14th fret At the 14th fret again end up and down 12th fret fourth string 14th fret the third string 14th fret end [up] the back down 12th fret 14th Go back and do [all] that again Then once again Then it's the second string 12th fret 13th fret first string 12th fret Second-string 15 Okay number three Come together by the Beatles Let's see outro solo at the end from [the] original version Okay [okay], took out all the long pauses in between Okay, so the first one second string 13th fret end up first string 13th fret end up Wind up again Ten threat [second] [string] [Thirteenth] [Row] the third string sound threat tenth pendant back to the seventh fret second string Thirteenth fret first string 10th [13] threatened up back in the tent second [string] Thirteenth Row Your second string 10th red 13th and up back to the 10th first string 15th fret then 15th fret again bend up twice first string 13th for straight 15th fret first string 17th fret 20th end up First year in Saudi threat [20th] and up again, then do that again you can Sort of phase with that Okay number four day after day a bad finger solos played by George Harrison Okay, so first string 4Th fret 5th 7th slide down to the first string open first Ring 10th 9th Vii slide down to the fifth fifth slide up the Zone A Third string 15th fret slide up [the] 16th first string 16th fret 14th 12 second string 12 fret penned up [1st] string 4th fret 5th 7th slide down go first you Mulder first string [Twelfth] slide up the [fourteenth] first string [12:10] [slowed] down to the night seventh four straight Nights slide down the fourth oh Okay, number five nowhere man by the Beatles. It's okay first Okay, first part is part of an e chord bottom for strings Play the first string open the second string open Expert is part of a [bee] horde the second third and fourth string fourth fret first string open first string second fret Next part, it's part of an a chord so 2nd 3rd and 4th strings from a chord the second Next [parts] per each [ord] so the 3rd 4th 5th strings part of the accord Third fret sorry third string second fret second-string open So let's mostly Broken chords [Edulis] Get next part part of an f-Sharp minor chord, so [a] third string second fret fourth string fourth fret fifth string fourth fret the third third string second fret fourth string fourth fret that [platy] [a] third string second fret fifth string Third fret That's good use your thumb your pick and your finger like that third string second fret fifth string through trip that part there is the top string 8th fret subscribe And from the front plate again slide down over then the first ring fifth row tomorrow Harmonic I don't know ironic is you just played you put finger on the Fifth fret there like that, okay? Don't hold it out. So that pretty goodness Okay number six wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald like Gordon Lightfoot the intro Solo so wait first Okay, first two streams seventh fret First string seventh fret slide up to the ninth back down to the south second string 10th slide down to the seventh South again second string 9th fret and threat bend up [2nd] string 10th pull off the ninth and pull off the south Thursday night threat Second-string south slide down the [third-string] [oath] fret and up bend up again back down 33 night love its Third string a threat Okay, number seven is tangerine wait, Led zeppelin so wait first right first string 10th fret sorry second string 10th fret second string 13th fret first string 10th fret 12 10 second string 13 threat 12th and 13th 13th fret Bend out 12th fret fourth fret few more times 13th fret first string 10th second string 12th fret 10th 12:12 two more times 13th first your intent Hey first [string] [15th] fret bend up 15th fret we normally first to 19th fret played 3-times in 70 throw first string 17th red 19th 20th 20th fret Bend up Handle with care by the Traveling Wilburys He's second string 13th fret slide up to the 15th Do that again 13th to the 15th? second string 12 13 12 Okay, second string twelfth fret slide up to the 15th for stream [14th] 12 14 15 seconds turn 12 Okay, second string 8th fret slide up to the 13th first Ring 12 Twelve again fourteenth fifteen second string 15th Okay, second string 12 third [string] [to] off slide down to 39 thread the first [stream] eats eats again so second string 8th fret Okay, number [9] [Freebird] I've heard skynyrd Okay starts off the second string third fret slide up to the 8th 7th 8th and 7th then eat twice, so Third string tie thread pull off the [south's] nice Slide up to your lungs back down the lights Seventh tonight Thursday night pull off the south the [fourth] Straight night light slide up to the [tenth] fret [Third] string 10th fret three times the night fourth string 10th fret fifth string [to] throw to the third string fourth fret the fifth to the seventh off to the six south Wait, the third-string 19 threat pull off to 17th the fourth string [19] threat third string 70 threat 19th Okay, and number 10 heart full of soul the yardbirds Okay fourth string 12th fret twice Third string 10th fret 1210 fourth String 12th fourth string 12th fret twice Third string 10th 12 12 and up So I construing the 13th fret 1st string 10th 4th string 12th fret twice Third string 10th fret 12th for streaming [poivre] fourth string 11 12 two times Third string 10th oh [yep] [Twelve] [pinned] up twice Okay, and don't forget check out another easy guitar solo video of mine it's called guitar Lesson easiest guitar Solo ever by Bobby crispy Okay, it's soldier boy by the Shirelles. It's a really easy guitar. Solo. It's a good guitar solo Okay, that's a video ah I Hope you have found it helpful, and thanks for watching

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